“There were so many things I liked about working with Steve. He has such a high level of communication which allowed complete visibility of the project. He kept to the timeline and met the high level of expectation that he created.  

Steve was able to walk us through many of the decisions we had to make because he could see the whole project. We didn’t have to be concerned because he could step back and see an aerial view; the result was an excellent end product.”



“His personality. He is approachable, and respects your vision and your expectation of the project. He uses an app that keeps them accountable to the timeline. Even though we couldn’t be at the construction site as often as we would have liked we were able to track the progress with the app. He did a great job of sticking to the timeline. 

When the plans had to be changed slightly the Ridge team was able to make everything fit without compromising design or function. During the project the balcony of our master began leaking, even though it was not in the scope of the project they were willing and able to fix it. 

When you work with Steve it feels personal. You don’t just feel like another project on his list. “


If you are concerned about pricing, keep in mind, you get what you pay for. If Ridge’s budget is higher, it’s because they are more thoughtful about the reality of the project and the timeline, and you are paying for quality, expertise, and craftsmanship. They hire good subcontractors.  

They take their time and are realistic about the market and the procurement of materials. They don’t try and get the job with falsehood and come back and wiggle their way out. They are as upfront as they can be with the knowledge they have at the time. They are as transparent about the reality of what it takes them to do things the right way

Anna McCusker

Navia Design

“I loved Steve’s transparency and his willingness to be upfront about what our project would take. Steve brought his ideas to the table. We loved his team; they are full of sharp people. He took appropriate safety precautions. Steve was always available and involved in the process. 

During construction, we found out that ⅔ of our home’s new foundation would lay on a rock connecting us to our neighbor’s foundation. Ridge was able to cut the stone out, which allowed us to proceed. It was indeed a partnership. They treated us with a personal touch, not so much a business transaction.”


“I loved the Ridge team.. They found solutions for every challenge that came up. Solutions that were easy and cost-effective or hardly cost anything. Despite my change order and moving things entirely, it wasn’t a problem. They didn’t give me a hard time about it or bust my chops. Nothing was too much trouble. It took all the stress and pressure away, and that is super important. 

Steve’s team is reliable. They do what they say they are going to do.”


“Their all around customer service and consultation approach was excellent. They were really helpful in explaining the entire process, direction, timeline, and expected outcome. They stayed on schedule. And they were very responsive. These are all things we hadn’t experienced with other contractors. 

There was a mismeasurement in our overall lot size. Our plan needed to be condensed. We were concerned that we would not have the space to do all we wanted to do. But Steve and the team calmed us down, reoriented things, and made some shifts that minimized the impact.”